Our People

Our team members represent a pool of carefully selected industry specialists that have shown their dedication and professionalism in their respective fields.

They are a group of people that constantly challenge one another, support each other and work together as one team to achieve a common goal, ultimate Client satisfaction.

They are individuals with a very high caliber of integrity, confidence, reliability and professionalism. They are wired industry specialists that are very organized, detail oriented and they leverage information technology in a collaborative effort thus leading to organizational clarity and the implementation of seamless methodologies.

With the profile of each and every Pegel team member, we feel we have assembled a unique group of individuals unprecedented in the construction industry. This of course is reflected in the services and products we provide to our Clients and what makes Pegel stand out among its peers.

In order to maintain and develop such a working environment; Pegel strives to maintain the following:
  • Each and every team member is continuously given a chance and hence truly feels that he/she can contribute towards the bigger picture as if it were their own company.
  • Managing in a style that provides a working environment that is open spirited, honest, respectful, communicative and trusting. Each team member is encouraged to feel part of a team, and allowed to develop within their career and gain confidence and experience thus leading to greater success for the individual and for the company.
  • Duties and responsibilities are always clearly defined in a detailed and discrete manner creating a working atmosphere where each team member assumes increasing levels of task ownership. This allows our people to foresee problem areas before they arise and to propose solutions through practiced decision-making. This promotes the final product and the fulfillment of the Client ultimate needs.
  • Constantly seeking talented industry experts that like to work hard, maintain high ethical standards, respect their peers, work in true team spirit, are technologically wired and would like to have fun while they are at it.
  • Constant development and training for our employees on the latest construction technologies and IT application and professional certifications.
 Staff Profile

As an employee, working for the Pegel presents the opportunity of gaining a wide range of work experience and exploring a number of career options whilst benefiting from the stability of a long term future within the company.

Our guiding rules of conduct are integrity and passion for work. Those who cannot fulfill these criteria will simply not be able to build a career in our organization. Perseverance and ambition are key qualities in our team members.

We value our people. With our core values the company ensures that our people have the environment that could allow them to grow, develop, gain job satisfaction and become leaders in different specializations. To achieve this, we empower our stuff to take new challenges and we encourage them to turn failure into success Reliable individuals endowed with determination and professionalism are always recognized through promotions and bonuses, depending on their efforts and contribution to Pegel’s improvement and success.


For those who believe in hard work, for those who like to be challenged, for those who wish to promote their skills and build a solid career, we welcome your application to join our team of highly professional and qualified people to make today’s world a better-looking and safer place to live in.


If you are interested in working for Pegel, then please make sure that you read every aspect of this website in detail. Accordingly, if you truly feel you want to become a member of our team, then kindly fill out the application below and attach your curriculum via.


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